Search engine optimisation

We don't guarantee top search engine positions — and we're suspicious of anybody who does. We do offer professional search engine consultancy. We're honest about what can and can't be achieved, we're open about our methods, and we get results.

We help make your pages as search engine readable as possible, by optimising page content, structure, meta tags, titles, alt tags, framesets and navigation. For every element on your page there is an optimal approach.

Once your site is ready we help you submit it to the essential web directories and search engines. We ensure you're in the places you need to be before you're noticed by the large search engines.

Then we can help improve your listing day-by-day. We can analyse searches for your chosen keywords and find the most valuable sites on the internet for links to your site. Our experience tells when it comes to maximising the return on your web marketing investment.

Additionally we can advise on pay-per-click solutions such as Google AdWords or Overture. We can help evaluate your log files to ensure we are answering the right kind of questions. And we can keep an eye on your sites to make sure they're continuing to head in the right direction.

So while we don't offer a magical solution, we do know our stuff. If you'd like to discuss the possibilities for your website, call Andy Savage on 07940 267 033, or e-mail




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